Vanessa & David – Married


Soooo my blogging has been a little rusty. Ok, non-existent, but I’m back! And I just had to show off my dear friend’s love story.

I’ve known Vanessa since 2004, so exactly 10 years! We worked retail together and hated it, but we met each other, so all’s right in the world. Even when she moved to Texas, we stayed in touch, but luckily for me, she moved back with an adorable baby in tow, and it’s a good thing she did, because she met David and we all started making wonderful memories together.

Vanessa’s son, Dylan, is my favorite kid in the whole wide world, and David rounded out the family perfectly. Now they’re expecting a new bundle of joy in June and I couldn’t be happier for them!

These three mean the world to me. I just had to show off their family portraits from a few years back as well. You may have seen some of these on the web site already. =)






As you can see, they’re ridiculously beautiful together.

My first time meeting David was at Busch Garden’s Howl O Scream. I had that whole “What are your intentions with my friend?” thing going on, and he had the “I’m amazing and I care about her, just trust me,” attitude, and sure enough, he’s been nothing but amazing for Vanessa. After that, all things Walking Dead and Halloween became a thing for our gang of friends.

I love this wonderful family and photographing their wedding while also being in the bridal party was a huge honor. Their wedding took place at The Courtyards at Lake Lucern in Orlando, FL. All the details were put together by Vanessa’s best friend Lacey and came out looking stunning. DIY is possible if you’ve got a hard working maid of honor to help you along the way! Check it out. =)



As you can see, the flower girl was a hit and ridiculously excited about her pretty hair. So stinkin’ cute!




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Then there’s adorable Dylan getting ready with David. Isn’t he handsome?


Then there’s this gorgeous dress. It’s the Belle gown (Beauty and the Beast inspired) by Alfred Angelo. Everyone cried when Vanessa said yes to the dress. I’m sure you can see why!









Dylan was one upset ring bearer. He couldn’t understand why flowers were being thrown on the floor. It was so cute!


David was a proud groom. One of my favorite wedding moments is always capturing the groom as the bride is walking down the aisle.

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reception 1speeches

reception 2

 And to top things off, today is Vanessa’s Birthday! So Merry Christmas Eve to everyone and a Happy Birthday to this beautiful girl!

Ivy’s 5 Month Portraits

Ivy Larae is the seriously the cutest 5 month old I’ve ever met. Stealing smiles from her is super easy and it’s impossible not to “ooooh” and “ahhhh” over those baby blues!

We did some in studio portraits in the spirit of July 4th and then a Mommy and Me tea party/picnic. Check out the cuteness that is Ivy and her beautiful mom Ashley!


Ivy Hot Springs Kids Portraits6

Ivy Hot Springs Kids Portraits1


Ivy Hot Springs Kids Portraits3

Ivy Hot Springs Kids Portraits5

Ivy Hot Springs Kids Portraits2

Jett Taylor’s Newborn Session

Headbands: Snassy Crafter

This is super late making it to the blog but here are the photos of lovely Jett Taylor. She’s meant to be a rockstar with that name, right? For now, we’ll stick with princess. She plays the role quite well, dontcha think?

I was so excited for this newborn session, I trolled Etsy for some cute headbands, and boy did I hit the jackpot. Snassy Crafter had some stunning options, it was hard to choose! (The pink bow was a family gift.) Jett wore them quite well. See for yourself!






Design Heaven

I’m obsessed with the band MuteMath. I know that’s not photography related, but I promise, this will tie in, just bear with me. This band has heart and soul, amazing lyrics, spiritual grounding and the sickest beats ever. I’ve seen them three times in one year in different states. I’d be a groupie (hands off, of course) if I could. And somehow, the four guys that make up this group always tend to say things I completely relate to. The lead singer, Paul Meany, once said in an interview that he’s a frustrated drummer at heart. He’s an amazing vocalist and piano player but his heart expands for percussion.

Tie in… (I told you it was coming!) I’m a frustrated designer! I realized in college that it was what I wanted to do but I was already half way through my Journalism degree and couldn’t just switch over to a different major. I got over it eventually, until I realized I needed a logo for my photography business. I tried a couple of my own options but could never get that look I wanted to go for. So I gave up trying to go for something that would literally involve me going back to school again and set out on the search for someone who would get my vision and make it a reality.

Enter my designer, Kaye. My saving grace! Kaye is a brilliant designer, a patient person, and frankly, an absolute steal. As I was searching for designers, I just didn’t know how I was going to afford ANYTHING. When I found Kaye I was thrilled.

The process started with a questionnaire where she asked me what direction I wanted my brand to go. From there we shared countless emails back and forth about my vision, I created a Pinterest board with inspirations of other brands and designs I’d fallen in love with and before I knew it, my vision was a reality and I was looking at the brand you now see.




I’ve since continued using Kaye’s services. She created this very web site for me and I just LOVE it. I’ve also gone on to call Kaye “my designer” in conversations, and I must say, I like the sound of it. LOL

All praise aside, if you ever need a designer for a logo, a marketing set or web site, I couldn’t recommend someone any higher. I’m humbled by her talent and honored to have had her create this work of art for me. Thank you for everything Kaye!

Lori B. Maternity Session

It’s safe to say I’m at that age where all my friends, and pretty much everyone else I know is getting married or having babies. Not a bad time to be a photographer, that’s for sure!

I’m starting my fourth month in Arkansas and the photography thing is going slow, but I’m still excited to keep at it and grow my business. I’m staying busy with the new web site, marketing materials and putting my in home studio together. It’s been a lot of fun. There are a lot of cute kids here so I just gotta get my name out there.

This past weekend, I photographed the beautiful Lori Binns. She’s the sister of my husband’s best friend, so she’s basically extended family. Lori already has a one year old son – Talon – on her hands who didn’t want much to do with me and my camera, but that’s ok, I’ll capture him soon enough. For now, the focus was on the baby bump, the soon to be Jett Taylor. I can’t wait to meet her and hopefully get some newborn shots!

Lori Maternity blog1

Lori Maternity blog2

Lori Maternity blog3


Welcome to the world the way I see it. I find so much inspiration behind the lens, but there’s a lot more happening outside of that and I want to share it all.

Of course there will be posts of beautiful weddings, adorable children and lovely families. But you can also look forward to random thoughts and the little things that get my attention.

It’s Christmas Day 2012. We’re still here. The Mayans will forever be remembered as liars and it’s time for humanity to find the next Y2K that will end us. Till then, I’ll keep taking photos.

I’m looking forward to the two photo shoots I have this weekend as I finally get settled in my new home, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

My business has been rebranded and my web site is officially up and running. We’re about to hit the New Year and there’s a whole lot of new for Ever So Sweet Photography and for Alex and I.

I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us! Merry Christmas from my family to yours and be sure to keep coming back!

Christmas Card back

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