Design Heaven

I’m obsessed with the band MuteMath. I know that’s not photography related, but I promise, this will tie in, just bear with me. This band has heart and soul, amazing lyrics, spiritual grounding and the sickest beats ever. I’ve seen them three times in one year in different states. I’d be a groupie (hands off, of course) if I could. And somehow, the four guys that make up this group always tend to say things I completely relate to. The lead singer, Paul Meany, once said in an interview that he’s a frustrated drummer at heart. He’s an amazing vocalist and piano player but his heart expands for percussion.

Tie in… (I told you it was coming!) I’m a frustrated designer! I realized in college that it was what I wanted to do but I was already half way through my Journalism degree and couldn’t just switch over to a different major. I got over it eventually, until I realized I needed a logo for my photography business. I tried a couple of my own options but could never get that look I wanted to go for. So I gave up trying to go for something that would literally involve me going back to school again and set out on the search for someone who would get my vision and make it a reality.

Enter my designer, Kaye. My saving grace! Kaye is a brilliant designer, a patient person, and frankly, an absolute steal. As I was searching for designers, I just didn’t know how I was going to afford ANYTHING. When I found Kaye I was thrilled.

The process started with a questionnaire where she asked me what direction I wanted my brand to go. From there we shared countless emails back and forth about my vision, I created a Pinterest board with inspirations of other brands and designs I’d fallen in love with and before I knew it, my vision was a reality and I was looking at the brand you now see.




I’ve since continued using Kaye’s services. She created this very web site for me and I just LOVE it. I’ve also gone on to call Kaye “my designer” in conversations, and I must say, I like the sound of it. LOL

All praise aside, if you ever need a designer for a logo, a marketing set or web site, I couldn’t recommend someone any higher. I’m humbled by her talent and honored to have had her create this work of art for me. Thank you for everything Kaye!

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