Lori B. Maternity Session

It’s safe to say I’m at that age where all my friends, and pretty much everyone else I know is getting married or having babies. Not a bad time to be a photographer, that’s for sure!

I’m starting my fourth month in Arkansas and the photography thing is going slow, but I’m still excited to keep at it and grow my business. I’m staying busy with the new web site, marketing materials and putting my in home studio together. It’s been a lot of fun. There are a lot of cute kids here so I just gotta get my name out there.

This past weekend, I photographed the beautiful Lori Binns. She’s the sister of my husband’s best friend, so she’s basically extended family. Lori already has a one year old son – Talon – on her hands who didn’t want much to do with me and my camera, but that’s ok, I’ll capture him soon enough. For now, the focus was on the baby bump, the soon to be Jett Taylor. I can’t wait to meet her and hopefully get some newborn shots!

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  1. Your an amazing photographer and I know your going to go far. Your pictures capture such love and laughter, their simply beautiful

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